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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions must be agreed upon in writing before work is commenced by Ad Thirty. Ad Thirty will not be held responsible for deadlines not being met if the client does not agree to these terms below prior to their work being booked in with Ad Thirty;

Revisions; An allowance of two sets of client revisions (edits) are included in the supplied quote and are for graphic design services only. ‘Sets’ are when a file is opened, changes made, saved, closed and a proof is supplied back to the client. Multiple changes can be made in the one ‘set’ but the client must supply all revisions request at the one time. Once the client has gone past 2 proofs (sets of changes) additional fees will apply based on Ad Thirty’s hourly rate and will be invoiced in 30min increments. Whilst it is preferred that only one representative of the client’s business assist Ad Thirty with the project; revisions and direction can be given by the client or on behalf of the client through brokers, account managers, consultants, associates, staff members or business representatives; ‘2 proofs’ applies to the entire group and is not 2 sets of changes per person. Redesigns are not considered ‘revisions’. Redesigns are when the style and/or concept presented to client needs to be changed to meet another brief or new direction advised by the client/representative.

Time Frames; Whilst all due care is taken to meet project time-frames/deadlines, all time-frames are estimates only and do not count for delays caused by; system failures, third party stakeholders (internet providers, hosting companies, web coders, consultants), acts of God such as; fire, flood or other circumstances beyond Ad Thirty’s control or from the client not providing content in a timely manner. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all content and feedback is provided within the agreed time-frames, otherwise delays are to be expected.
Clients are to understand that at any one time Ad Thirty will have multiple projects going on at the same time and that the person looking after their project may also have multiple clients to attend to. Whilst Ad Thirty will always try to respond to client’s request in a timely manner, on some occasions an immediate action may not always be possible. If the client’s project or request is urgent please contact Ad Thirty immediately to see if they can restructure their workflow to meet your requirements; please note additional fees apply for such request. If the client knows their project is required to be completed within a tight time-frame before Ad Thirty has quoted on the project, please advise Ad Thirty so that they can confirm if they can meet the time-frame or if any additional fees apply for them to restructure their workload to meet your requirements.

Royalty-Free Photographs and Graphics; are elements from Ad Thirty’s suppliers that have permission for commercial use. The term ‘royalty free’ waives all exclusive rights, which means other companies including the client’s competitors may also be able to lease the same images from the same supplier. Due to licensing agreements between the suppliers and Ad Thirty: any royalty free photographs and/or graphics supplied to Ad Thirty for use on a particular project/artwork remains the property of the supplier and can only be used on artwork produced by Ad Thirty for that client only. This means Ad Thirty cannot supply the images separately to the client under any circumstance for use on any other project or collateral not produced by Ad Thirty. All royalty free photographs/graphics used in any of the client’s artwork will be kept on file for use in all/any of the client’s future projects/artwork produced by Ad Thirty.

Professional Photography and Graphics; arranged through Ad Thirty and when paid in full becomes the client’s property and will be supplied to the client for their safe keeping and individual use. Ad Thirty will keep a full copy on file for use on any of the client’s future projects. Ad Thirty guarantees that the client’s professional photography will not be used in any other of Ad Thirty’s clients’ projects, unless permission has been given.

Photographs or graphics supplied by the client is the client’s full legal responsibility. Elements must be either owned by the client or they must obtain full permission for use from the original photographer and/or creator. Ad Thirty will assume that the client has obtained full permission of use and will not accept any legal responsibility for any illegally obtained photographs/graphics that breech copyright or protection laws. Do not ask Ad Thirty to download images from the internet or scan from other businesses documents as a refusal will be given.
Supplied Copy and Content; from the client must be owned by the client and is the client’s legal responsibility. Ad Thirty will not accept any copyright infringements or legal responsibility for any incorrect, misleading or incorrect content supplied or advised by the client. All information either written or verbal supplied by the client or on behalf of the client (including all spelling, grammatical and numerical errors) are the client’s full responsibility. Copy written by Ad Thirty must be fully checked and approved by the client. Ad Thirty advises proof reading all copy on the final artwork/collateral/proof/draft supplied to the client before giving final approval to Ad Thirty. Client approval accepts full responsibility of content ‘as-is’ at the time of their approval.

Publishing and Distribution; All artwork with the intention of being professionally printed, published or put onto the worldwide web must be proofed and approved by the client before Ad Thirty agrees to deliver to publishers/printers/suppliers/web developers;

Errors and Omissions; Ad Thirty takes no responsibility in any incorrect copy, spelling, grammatical and/or numerical mistakes and/or any errors in the visual content such as: photography, graphics, design and/or colouring. Ad Thirty advises the client to thoroughly check artwork/collateral/proofs, both content and the appearance before giving their final approval, making sure all artwork is correct. Whilst Ad Thirty will do their best to make sure all content is correct to the best of their knowledge and that all artwork files meet supplier specifications; the client’s signature or written approval will be required on the final proof/s via either hard copy (mail) or electronically (email). The client’s signature/written approval accepts all content, its appearance and all Ad Thirty’s terms and conditions. Ad Thirty will not monetarily compensate the client if reprinting, recoding or other expenses are required due to client error.

Colour Variation in Artwork; Ad Thirty accepts no responsibility in the final printed or screen display outcomes looking different to what the client visually viewed on their personal screens (computer, mobile phone or tablet). Clients must be aware that every screen has different colour settings – therefore variance between each screen display will occur. The best way to understand this is with the following example: “when you go in to a white goods store and see multiple televisions up on a wall, all turned on and playing the same movie: you will always notice variances in colours, sharpness, brightness and contrast. All TVs look different when compared to one another” – this also applies to all computer monitors and hand-held devices screens. Environmental lighting also affects screens (fluro, natural, incandescent light bulbs, etc). Variance is found between desktop monitors, laptops, phones, tablets and LED, LCD, backlight TVs. Colour, brightness and contrast can even vary between the exact same brand, make and model when compared against each other. Clients should view their artwork on multiple screens and under different lighting to observe the colour variations when viewing and approving artwork on screen only. Clients may print out a colour proof of their artwork for another method of comparison – but must also be aware that printers will also be faced with the same colour variation issues as screens – due to all printers and inks varying from one another as-well. High resolution, colour correct proofs from the printing supplier is the best means for approval. These are available to the client upon request for any printed collateral and may attract additional fees.

Website Development; Ad Thirty has partnered with a web development company who provides the web coding, domain registration and hosting. Ad Thirty designs the website and the partner company codes the files supplied to them, host and maintains the website if the client agrees to the ongoing monthly expense. Ad Thirty manages and coordinates all stages of the website’s development and has full involvement throughout the entire development process.

Consulting to Communication Companies; When Ad Thirty is contracted by an external PR, Marketing, Printing, Website, Design or Communication company or sole trader – Ad Thirty’s term and conditions still apply to them directly and not their client that the project is being produced for. Ad Thirty will report directly to their contractor and will have no direct contact with their clients – unless requested and agreed to do so by all 3 parties. All communication and direction given to Ad Thirty by the contractor will be considered to be ‘acting on behalf of their client’. This means the contractor must adhere to all Ad Thirty’s terms and conditions and be mindful of potential additional fees through multiple revisions (even if the changes have not directly been given from the client). Additional fees incurred must be paid even if the contractor does not pass the fees on to their clients and these terms are non-negotiable.

Logo Development and Trade Marking; Ad Thirty does not specialise in trade mark registration nor do they conduct searches for similarity in branding/logo identities through trademark systems or other platforms. This is to be done at the client’s expense through a Trade Mark lawyer or similar. Ad Thirty will perform a basic online internet search for the client’s direct competitors and will provide a research document labeled ‘competitors landscape’ displaying all logos found in the search. The online search performed by Ad Thirty is a very basic search that looks for companies supplying the same service/product within the same region and may extend out as far as national for some searches or if requested by client. International searches are not available. Th competitors landscape document provided does not guarantee that any logo similarities will not be found at any stage of the client’s logo development including once the logo is in use. Any of the client’s competitors not shown in the competitors landscape document to is not Ad Thirty’s responsibility. It is the client’s responsibility to advise of any competitor logos they want include in the document. Logos developed by Ad Thirty will endeavor to have no similarity to the logos shown in the competitors landscape document to avoid any copyright issues. Ad Thirty cannot be held responsible for any logo similarities found against logos that are not included in the competitors landscape document including those found within the same marketplace as the client, nor logos not within the same market, nor logos not within the same country as the client’s. If similarities are found Ad Thirty is happy to work with the client to adjust design however a fee may apply depending on the requirements. In summary Ad Thirty can only be held responsible for making sure the logo (and concepts) development for the client does not appear to be similar to any logo provided in the ‘competitors landscape’ document.

Admin Fee; All projects over $300 will incur a 2-5% admin fee to cover out-of-pocket expenses such as; phone calls, research, development, meetings, travel, parking and general cost involved in coordinating the project. Clients requesting invoices to be broken into multiple projects/invoices will also attract this cost regardless of expenditure to cover additional bookkeeping. Initial/introductory meetings are free of charge if within a 15klm radius of Ad Thirty’s office based at Aspley. Initial meetings are capped at a maximum of 1.5 hours and any time thereafter will attract our hourly rate. All meetings outside of the 15klm radius will attract travel fees based on an hourly rate to cover for out of pocket expenses such as; travel time, taxis, parking and any other out of pocket expenses incurred.

Payment Terms; All work produced by Ad Thirty or their partner companies remains their property until final payment has been received by the client.
– Projects over $1,000 must pay 50% up-front and 50% on completion of the project.
– Printed collateral requires 50% deposit upon quote approval and the remainder 50% paid within 7 days after delivery.
– Websites require a 50% deposit on quote approval with 20% of that acting as a non refundable booking fee. The remainder 50% is due upon completion. Websites will not be made live on the internet until final payment has been received.
– All advertisement bookings must be paid up front. No advert, billboard, etc will be booked without full up front payment. No urgent bookings are accepted unless the advertiser agrees and upfront payment has been cleared in Ad Thirty’s account.
– Client must allow 1 full business day for direct bank deposits to clear and up to 3 full business days for cheques to clear before bookings will be confirmed or work commenced by Ad Thirty.
– All late payments will attract a 2% administration fee each week after the due date. If the invoice including admin fees have not been paid after one month: additional fees related to recovering of debts owed to Ad Thirty will also be added to the final amount owed by the client.
– All invoices are due 7 days after the project is completed, unless otherwise stated above or as agreed between the client and Ad Thirty.
– The due date of payment will be on the invoice supplied to the client.

Validation; quotes are valid for 30 days and based on the brief given by the client and/or their representative. Quotes are only for what has been stipulated in writing including the terms and conditions above. Approval must be given in writing by either 1) signing the quote and supplying back to Ad Thirty via post or scanned email or 2) supplying an email confirming the quote approval. All written approvals imply acceptance of price and our terms and conditions. Under no circumstances are verbal approvals accepted.

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